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HootBoard enables community leaders and members to effectively broadcast messages about the beautiful things they do.



A Bulletin Board for life!

Expect to find a Hootboard near you very soon. Any community that you can think of can create a Hootboard right on their community website. As an engaged citizen, you will now be able to see what’s happening in communities that you care about and trust.



Universities & Schools

Students and Student Clubs now have an effective way to reach the entire university or school population.

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Townships and Cities

Engaged citizens make up for a vibrant community. Keep your town clean of flyers while providing a great way for citizens to engage with the community.

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Workplaces, Non-profits & Associations

Active, educated members make your organization stronger. Allow members to share educational videos and other useful content to other members instantly via your website.

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Faith Organizations

Faith is not a one way street. Your members can now not only view the community bulletins but also share their own experiences, and other valued content.

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Apartments and Residential Complexes

Neighbors helping each other is not a thing of the past. A Hootboard on your neighborhood’s website provides an easy way to promote their yard sales and the weekend barbecues that they might be planning.

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Community builder’s pet project


As local marketers and community builders we were frustrated by our in-ability to reach out to our own communities that we so dearly valued. We realized that posting flyers was the only way and it was by no means efficient. Soon enough, HootBoard was born!


Meet our team!

Our team members take great pride in being a part of the HootBoard family. Get to know the people who make HootBoard for you. See short bios and pictures

Satyajeet Shahade
Satyajeet Shahade
Jose Larin
Jose Larin
Tejas Nityanand
Tejas Nityanand
Abhishek Bandhu
Abhishek Bandhu
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And its easy!


Using HootBoard is extremely easy. Community leaders create a board on their own community website in a few moments and instantly empower the members of their community to add value to the community via  its website.



In under a minute, a Hootboard can be added directly into your community website. Customize your board to easily match your community’s website.



Easily post videos, flyers, slides, music, documents and more to keep your community informed and engaged. Target your posts specifically to your community or the general public.


You can now provide an open space for everyone in your community to broadcast visual announcements, educational content and other fun stuff to one another.


Exercise control over who can post and what can be posted to your Hootboard.

Get started with HootBoard today!